Kiteboarding Safety Guidelines to prevent accidents or kitemares

As you know, kitesurfing is an extreme sport potentially dangerous to the kiter and spectator. Most kiteboarding accidents are the result of being dragged out of control.

Unfortunately, two deadly accidents in Mexico:

a) A 21 years old man in Chicxulub Puerto, near Progreso, Merida, he died for internal injuries at midnight. More info:
b) A 43 years old woman, Christina Bockius, in La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico. More information:

Kitesurfing accidents and crashes:

Kiteboarding Safety Rules

1-Take some kitesurfing or kiteboarding lessons.

2-Don’t kiteboard without a safety release system that allows you to disable the kite at any moment.

3– Do not launch or jump upwind hard objects.

4- Get a kitesurfing friend to share the fun with, and/or kitesurf at locations where there are other kiteboarders about. Let someone know before you go.

5– On strong conditions, do not hook in before launching, check your lines first.

6-Don’t ask a non-kitesurfer to assist you in launching or landing a kite. Get another kitesurfer to launch and land your kite if they are around. Do not allow an unskilled onlooker to attempt to launch or land your kite.

7– Avoid kiteboarding in crowded areas, trees, or power lines, keep away from boats,near rocks, piers, buoys and other objects.

8-Learn to body drag upwind to recover a lost board. Don’t ever use a board leash.

9-Don’t kitesurf in offshore wind. Practice and be proficient at self rescue before you really need to use it.

10-Flying lines can cut when the kite is flying. Never let yourself or others even having a chance of getting tangled up with the flying lines.

11-Do not kitesurf in very strong wind if you are a beginner (in 20+ knots) and be careful even if you are an experienced kitesurfer (in 30+ knots).

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